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Wedding Lighting Trends to Watch Out for in 2020

By 15th January 2020May 7th, 2021News
Lighting trends

Here we are in 2020, and just like fashion, wedding lighting trends evolve each year. So what’s the biggest trends in wedding lighting for 2020?

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From hanging installations and fairy lights canopies to tube lighting and LED bars, there are some stunning lighting installations this year that are sure to create an unforgettable backdrop for your special day.

Here’s our ultimate guide to wedding lighting in 2020.

Mood lighting

Mood Lighting

Great lighting can make your wedding venue look truly unforgettable, and one of the top wedding trends of 2020 is mood lighting. The right lighting rig in the right colours can change the mood of your wedding party from formal dinner to dancing, with the touch of a button. Something like fairy lights, for example, can create a romantic chill-out area for your guests, and when placed above your wedding cake table, can create an intimate area for photographs.

Whether your wedding venue is indoors or outdoors, lights can set the tone and mood for your evening, and LED lighting can be programmed to change hue throughout the day to match the pace and feel of the moment.

Rustic, pendant lighting

rustic pendant lighting
Rustic, pendant lights are a popular choice for 2020. They can be very effective, especially if the theme of the wedding is rustic.

Large string lights and medium-sized lanterns can work great when you have a larger space you need to fill. A lantern canopy can become a beautiful highlight for your big day. Coloured to match your wedding colour scheme, paper lanterns are ideal to use in large halls and marquees, and they’re the perfect background for beautiful photographs.

String lights and greenery are also very fashionable at the moment for rustic weddings. Another consideration are grasselieres (basically a chandelier with added greenery.) It’s normally a wireless drum mesh frame you can attach greenery and flowers to. Regular chandeliers are also very stylish and you can run swags of fairy lights from them for maximum effect.


Up-lighting is a striking way to accent the architecture in your wedding venue, barn or outside space. It can be very effective and atmospheric, and even intimate if placed under the tables for example.

Up-lights are a very popular choice for 2020 because a few well-placed up-lights can change a room instantly from boring to magical, and with different colours, you can change the mood throughout the event.

Fairy lights canopy

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Our fairy lights canopies are designed to enhance each venue, using the latest technology and our comprehensive experience, delivering a magical result.

A light curtain can also be a very striking feature. These can be used anywhere, from the top table to the dance floor, and are very effective at creating a romantic atmosphere during speeches and photo-shoots.

Light canopies create a warm light that is very flattering to skin tone, producing breathtaking photographs.

Using illuminated letters at your wedding

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Illuminated letters can make your wedding extremely personal and relevant to you. Already common in the US wedding industry, these illuminated letter lights can be used to create a focal point and backdrop for your special day. These signs are becoming very popular at UK weddings too with a huge array of different styles, sizes and text.

Setting up these lights ready for your reception party is ideal and they’re a great place for guests to get photos with you. Many signs come with a frame, so you can just position it where needed and plug it in.

Get more inspiration from the wedding lights specialist

If you’re looking for lighting to make your wedding truly unforgettable, Party Lights can help you achieve the wedding of your dreams.

We can design stunning lighting installations, and advise on the latest trends in colour and finishes. We can even blend our lighting with greenery and flowers for added romance and nature.

Get in touch today, and we’ll create the perfect wedding lighting for you and your partner, making your special day truly magical.

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