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Kindness Goes a Long Way

By 5th March 2012July 28th, 2021News
On Saturday night Kew Bridge Steam Museum hosted their own surprise in house leaving party for Jo Willis, their education lady of some 14 years.  
She was supposed to be duty manager for a ficticious wedding party – little did she know that she had just cleaned the ladies toilets for her own party!
Party Lights was asked if they would be kind enough to donate some lighting, Richard, who has worked with Jo for many years, jumped at the opportunity and provided various wash lights in pink of course and his new product the ‘Light Bulb Canopy’.
All enjoyed a very successful dinner evening and Jo thanked everyone for their contribution and total surprise!  This was followed up by the following email:
“Hi Richard, I have been meaning to email you! Thank you so much for providing the lights – they were absolutely amazing.  We got a few pictures that I will be putting in our book of them – I really think a lot of people would go for those lights for their party/wedding at the museum.  It was so simple but effective and everyone was so impressed. Kind regards, Emma Allen, Events Co-ordinator, Kew Bridge Steam Museum”

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