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But what about outside?

By 24th February 2012October 19th, 2017News
Outdoor lighting is often overlooked and is a must when having a party.  Not only does it create a great atmosphere but it enables you and your guests to see!   Use fairy lights in trees and bushes to give that fairytale feel.  Run festoon lights along fences, walls, drape in trees and hang from balconies.
Party Lights has a broad selection of outdoor lighting solutions available for you to take advantage of.   We can provide you with everything from tree lights to washfloods and even logo lights.   These logo lights are a fantastic way to get a message across. Whether you want to let people know that it’s someone’s birthday or you just want people to see your company’s logo, Party Lights can help.   All the outdoor lighting we provide is available for purchase or to hire.Spotlights in coloured or white light to highlight statues, trees and bushes.   Moonfloods and fairy lights to illuminate houses, buildings, large trees, to give a backdrop to larger areas or to shine in through windows to give that special effect as used in all the Hollywood movies.
Gas flame torches can be attached to front gates and also used to line driveways. Larger torches placed at the porchway or entrance, used together with a Logoscan to project your message around the garden, will create unforgettable atmosphere and amaze your guests.
Below is a selection of some of the outdoor lighting magically created by Party Lights.

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