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Wedding Decoration Ideas for a Romantically Rustic Day

Wedding decoration outside bunting

If you’re looking for wedding decoration ideas, nothing beats the quaint charm of a rustic wedding. This simple yet stunning wedding theme has been chosen by whimsical couples across the globe for years, and its simplicity never dates.

Embracing the beauty of the natural world and keeping the ambience light, warm and relaxed is what a rustic wedding is all about. So if that’s the backdrop you’d like for your special day, here are 22 wedding decoration ideas that’ll help set a romantic rustic scene.

Rustic Wedding Venue Decorations

1. Soften your space with drapes

Whether you’ve chosen a fashionable tipi, picturesque barn or country manor, you can soften your wedding venue and create a cosy atmosphere by adding drapes. Ceiling drapes can brighten a room while creating a snug, intimate feel. They can be coloured to match the rest of your wedding theme, and they can even hide features that just don’t work with your overall look.

Walls can be draped too, creating a dream-like feel and transforming dull or boring room exteriors.

Chandelier with white drapes on the ceiling

Soften your wedding venue with drapes

2. Add a touch of mother nature

The key to a rustic theme is to bring the outside in and relish in the simple beauty of nature. Softly coloured floral arrangements, rugged foliage and blooming trees all have natural character. These can be used dotted around your venue as decorations themselves, or you can add natural elements to room features like archways and even construct floral frames for key moments like the vows and the signing of the register.

Consider entwining fairy lights in your arrangements to maximise impact and highlight their natural beauty. And use up lights for dramatic lighting on majestic trees.

Married couple stood on a stage decorated with draping fairy lights

Use natural decorations to create an enchanting scene

3. Make the most of your venue’s character

If your venue is bursting with character make the most of it. Highlight key features with floral arrangements, foliage and cleverly placed lighting. Up lights flood features like archways with ambient light, and you can add sparkle to pillars and partitions with column lights.

Light bulbs hanging from roof beams

Highlight natural features with clever lighting

4. Go whimsical with bunting

Colourful bunting feels laidback but uplifting at a wedding. Strings of coloured and/or playfully patterned bunting are a cute way to brighten up ceilings and walls.

5. Create stylish photo displays

Rustic photo features are an intimate and stylish way to decorate your venue. You can display pictures of you and your partner, your guests and even those adorable baby pics your parents love to show off. Present your beloved snaps on wooden pegs and twine for a classic look, or you can stack old crates and adorn them with your favourite framed photographs.

close up of Polaroid pictures laid on a bed

Photo displays are an intimate decoration idea for your wedding day – Photo by sarandy westfall on Unsplash

6. Create feature tables

You can make country-chic feature tables too for desserts, the guest book and seating plans using recycled materials like barrels, planks and crates. Don’t forget to complete the look with natural elements like leaves and flowers.

Wedding candy bar with sweet treats in a rustic style

Make rustic feature tables with barrels and crates – Photo by Victoria Priessnitz on Unsplash

7. Continue the rustic theme outdoors

Everyone needs to catch their breath for a moment at a wedding, so it’s great to create a relaxed outdoor space where guests (and you!) can retreat for some fresh air and quality time with favourite people. For a charming picturesque scene, you could have hay bales and blankets, and maybe even a guitar for an impromptu sing-song in the wee small hours! Use soft lighting like fairy lights around features and trees to complete the chilled-out country vibe.

Rustic Wedding Lights

8. Sparkle with fairy lights

Fairy lights work so well with a rustic theme that you can pretty much use them anywhere for a bit of magical sparkle. An area where fairy lights have maximum impact is across the ceiling of your venue, creating a starry, fairytale sky across your special day.

You can also team fairy lights with ceiling drapes to add an even more dreamy feel that’ll warmly light your first dance and your guests’ hearts.

Wedding venue lit up with pink lights and draping fairy lights

Add sparkle to your wedding with a fairy light canopy

9. Charm with lanterns

Lanterns dotted around your venue project warmth, soft light and a rustic feel. Or if you’re looking for whimsical charm, you can choose a full lantern canopy to cover your venue. Particularly if brightly coloured, a lantern canopy oozes playful character and upbeat party vibes.

Wedding venue decorated with pastel hanging lantern canopy

A lantern canopy adds playful charm to a wedding

10. Go classic with chandeliers

If you prefer something more classically rustic for your big day, chandeliers are an elegant choice. And you can soften chandeliers with natural trademarks like flowers and foliage, or dress them up with chic drapes and fairy lights.

chandelier with fairy lit drapes over a wedding venue with chairs

Classic chandeliers add elegance to a wedding venue

11. Make a statement with letter signs

Make your declarations loud and proud on your special day with oversized illuminated letter signs. ‘Love’ letters, for example, make a statement and create focal points in your venue. They work fantastically beside key areas like the guest book table or photo features.

Large LOVE letters lit with lights

Letter signs make a statement at weddings

12. Keep it simple with a light bulb canopy

For a subtly rustic look, you can go for a bare light bulb canopy. Whether you want to add a contemporary touch with Edison bulbs or you prefer the classic party look of festoon bulbs, there are lots of options available to brighten your special day with simple beauty.

Light bulb canopies decorating a barn interior

Light bulb canopies are subtle but so effective.

Rustic Table Decorations Ideas

13. Add floral embellishments

No rustic wedding table would be complete without mother nature’s embellishments. Foliage garlands can make stunning runners for your tables. And, as well as the usual floral centrepieces, you can add flowers and vines around your tableware, slotted delicately into your menus and round your wedding favours.

Wedding table decorated with blue table cloth, wooden details, plates, cutlery and wine glasses

Add natural decorations to your rustic wedding table – Photo by Mitchell Lawler on Unsplash

14. Choose wooden table accessories

Woody accents also look fabulous on a wedding table. Dot pine cones around your table, and use log slices as placemats, candle stands and centrepieces for a timeless country look.

Close up of bottle vases with flowers in.

Use alternative tableware like old bottles and jars – Photo by Elisabeth Arnold on Unsplash

15. Upcycle old jars & vintage pots

In terms of table decorations and flower vases, pretty much anything goes at a rustic wedding. Glass jars, wine bottles and vintage pots look playfully quaint with floral arrangements and candles. You can even use old watering cans, jugs and buckets filled with rugged foliage and mutely toned flowers for a stunning nostalgic look.

Rustic Wedding Cake Ideas

16. Go for a naked or semi-naked finish

Dark and interesting wedding cakes that are simply dusted in icing sugar or lightly coated in buttercream are firm rustic favourites. The simple, unpolished finish of naked and semi-naked cakes work perfectly with relaxed wedding themes.

Rustic wedding cake with simply finished icing and pine cones

A simply finished wedding cake is a rustic favourite – Photo by Luis Quintero on Unsplash

17. Wrap your cake in hessian

For a vintage-inspired cake, choose a simple white icing and wrap your cake in country-style fabrics like hessian and even lace. Effortlessly effective!

18. Decorate your cake naturally

Natural decorations are the best way to dress up any rustic cake. Fresh flowers in warm colours, leafy foliage, fresh fruit, pine cones and log cake stands or crates are excellent ways to finish off a showstopping wedding cake.

Rustic wedding cake decorated with flowers and pine cones

Decorate your wedding cake with pine cones and fresh flowers for a classic look. – Source: The Cake Guru

Rustic Wedding Favour Inspiration

19. Glass treat jars

Fill recycled glass jars with sweet treats wrapped in twine with natural coloured card labels – they look beautiful at rustic weddings. Popcorn, cakes, chocolates and mints are all perfect choices of sweet treats.

Close up of a Grooms wedding favour- a jar filled with sweets.

Rustic wedding favours are simply sweet – Photo by  Wedding Photography on Unsplash

20. Natural card boxes and hessian wraps

And if you don’t want to go for jars, dinky natural brown card boxes or hessian and twine wraps are charming alternatives for presenting your favours too.

21. Local produce

Jars or bottles of local produce are classic favours. Honey is very popular but choose the delights that are local to you. Whiskey, cider and even handmade soaps can all be adorable wedding favours. And again, embellish with twine and brown cards to complete the look.

a wooden table decorated with foliage and white plates and cutlery.

Local produce is a cute wedding favour idea – Photo by Jordan Arnold on Unsplash

22. Natural mementoes

Log slices with your names and special date are popular wedding favours. And even small plants or dried flower arrangements can look stunning as small favours when dressed up with rustic touches.

Lighting Hire to Complete a Memorable Rustic Wedding

So there you have it, 22 simple decoration ideas for a truly rustic wedding day. At Party Lights, we hire stunning lighting that’ll add magic and sparkle to your special day. We’ve worked on countless country-style weddings and can advise on what lighting will work in harmony with your venue, taste and style.

Contact us now to see how we can help you create an unforgettable wedding day or browse our wedding lighting for inspiration.

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