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16th Century splendour

By 18th February 2012July 28th, 2021News

The joy of Loseley House near Guildford in Surrey is that so little has changed, for the current house is still fundamentally that built in the 16th century. True there have been minor internal alterations – and an entire wing was added in the 17th century and then lost – but to all intents the house you see now would still be familiar to its original occupants.

The Tithe Barn that once stored tithes – tax in the form of grain paid by medieval farmers – now forms a spectacular and spacious venue for meetings and receptions of all kinds. Ancient oak beams, the marks of the original carpenters still visible, make this a particularly intimate venue, yet one that can accommodate 140 guests.

Without lights, the Tithe Barn is an amazing location for you to hold that special day.  With lights, however, it is a different experience entirely as the intimate atmosphere created by Party Lights takes your event to a whole new dimension.

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